“Dear Friends, dear family, dear supporters, .

It is my honour to introduce to you the Tema Biwolé foundation whose goal is to encourage African children to hold onto their dream

I remember myself at age 5 crying in the schoolyard because I could not enter the classroom as my mother did not have money to pay the fees-. I went back home, I was lonely. I was sad and we were many in that situation.

To the parents who lack money and would like their kids to learn at school, the TEMA BIWOLE foundation is a door to knock and it will be opened.

A little bit of background


in October 2017, I have been immensely honoured to be the First Cameroonian to participate in the American Physical Society-DPP meeting, following a work carried on Neural Networks for Nuclear fusion.

That achievement that really for me was a small step , turned out to be a giant leap for my fellow countrymen.

Many of them taking me as a role model identifying themselves in my story.

I was touched, deeply by all those young people who are now dreaming again as one of them managed to achieve his childhood dream. Inspiring an African generation was certainly much more (much much more )than what I signed up for when I left my home country to follow my passion. This is the reason why I am always emotional, grateful when I share what happened to me. I feel like I received a lot from life, from them, from all of you who are part of my story.
To move from tears and emotion to concrete realisations, I was encouraged to launch the Tema Biwolé foundation r Concretely, I Try to meet those little one whom I encouraged to keep dreaming and help them to pursue their passion offering them the necessary material support.

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